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I have fourteen years experience leading experiential study programs all over the world from Yellowstone National Park to Borneo as well as teaching United States Government, Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics and Advanced Placement World History. I founded Experiential Study as an online learning oasis for anyone with the goal of learning new things at any stage of life with the goal of sharing my knowledge and experience. My posts dissect the wonderful and diverse world of learning, taking deep dives into various relevant topics that will help demystify a number of educational themes and provide historical context for modern events.

My classes are live each Saturday with office hours on Wednesday evenings and my posts are honest and relevant critiques of the modern industrial education system. I’m here to guide you through the ins and outs of the educational process of the aforementioned content as well as provide professional insight and historical context for current events. I hope to motivate you to become more curious, committed, and joyful in your learning voyage.

Look for external experiential study excursion opportunities in the near future!

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