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Couple Promise Rings: 6 things you need to know

6 things you need to know about the engagement ring

A ring with significance the engagement ring represents love and commitment.

It is an integral part of French tradition, and helps make this moment memorable.

Although the engagement ring is a classic ring, its meaning and customs are not fully understood.

Find out the meaning and history behind the engagement ring as well as different criteria you should consider when choosing the one you want.


The tradition of giving a ring as a symbol of engagement is not new.

The usage dates back to Roman Antiquity and is derived from an Egyptian custom that said a vein connected the heart directly to the left finger ring. The Romans adopted this belief, as is evident by the Latin phrase "vena amoris", which means "vein of love".

The Roman custom was that a man would gift his bride a ring at the time of their wedding. The ring, forming an ideal circle, represented the eternal love. This beautiful tradition has been carried on through the ages.

Rings set with precious gems have been in use since the time of the Renaissance. Today, they are a royal choice for an engagement ring.


The engagement ring symbolizes commitment and the desire to get married and share your beloved's life. The circular shape of the ring without beginning or ending - evokes infinite, eternal and faithful love.

Despite the fact that engagements are less frequent than they were previously yet, they have a very strong symbolic meaning. Many couples also decide to continue the tradition.

It is possible to organize an event for the occasion of the engagement. However the ring will be presented at a time that is privileged and limited. Furthermore, engagements are no not always a religious event. Therefore, the ring is given as a demonstration of love.

The material of the engagement ring

The engagement ring is usually made of gold. It can be an engagement ring:

White gold - A blend of pure gold, nickel-zinc, and palladium

In yellow gold - Mixture of pure silver, gold, and copper

In rose gold - Mixture of pure copper and gold

Engagement rings made of yellow gold have been the most popular for many centuries. However, white gold engagement rings are particularly popular. White gold engagement rings are sleek and contemporary and look amazing with diamonds and other precious stones.

Style & design

There are a variety of styles of engagement rings. The choice of engagement rings will depend on the preferences and preferences of the couple.

Don't be afraid to take inspiration from the jewelry usually worn by the person.

A diamond engagement ring however, is a great option.

Diamonds and precious stones

The diamond symbolizes eternal love and commitment.

Given its beauty and value The engagement ring that has at least one diamond testifies to the sincerity of the choice. Diamond solitaires are one of the most sought-after designs for engagement rings.

Like diamonds as well, all precious stones are able to be used as rings ornaments. Emerald and sapphire are both excellent choices, depending on your taste.

Maison Arthus Bertrand has several designs of white gold engagement rings with a stone such as diamonds, or any of the above gems.

Wear an engagement ring

Traditionally the engagement ring is usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This tradition also dates back to Antiquity and is referred to as "the vein of love".

Because of this the finger with the ring is always designed to wear rings (signet ring, wedding ring and engagement ring). The word annular is also etymologically connected to the ring.

It is therefore common to wear the engagement rings on the same finger as the wedding ring. The wedding ring is placed first, then the engagement ring follows it. This means that the wedding ring will be closer to the heart of the bride.


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